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Gambling and Casinos
13 titles found
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Biggest Game in Town- With New Introduction
Author:  Alvarez, Al
ISBN:  0-312-42842-1
Edition:  (REV)09
Used Print:  $13.50

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Casino Accounting and Financial Management
Author:  Greenless
ISBN:  0-87417-767-7
Edition:  2ND 08
Used Print:  $45.00

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Casino Dictionary : Gaming and Business Terms
Author:  Hashimoto, Kathryn / Fenich, George
ISBN:  0-13-171019-2
Edition:  2007
Used Print:  $42.25

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Casino Organization and Culture
Author:  Roberts, Chris
ISBN:  0-13-174812-2
Edition:  2010
Used Print:  $70.00

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Cowboys Full
Author:  McManus, James
ISBN:  0-312-43008-6
Edition:  2010
Used Print:  $19.50

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Double or Nothing: How Two Friends Risked It All to Buy One of Las Vegas' Legendary Casinos
Author:  Breitling, Tom
ISBN:  0-06-083583-4
Edition:  2008
Used Print:  $18.75

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Double Down : Reflections on Gambling and Loss
Author:  Barthelme, Frederick / Barthelme, Steven
ISBN:  0-15-601070-4
Edition:  1999
Used Print:  $12.75

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Gaming Law : Cases and Materials
Author:  Jarvis, Robert / Bybee, Shannon / Cochran, J. / Rose, I. / Rychlak, R.
ISBN:  0-8205-4906-1
Edition:  2003
Used Print:  $123.00

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High Stakes: Florida Seminole Gaming and Sovereignty
Author:  Cattelino, Jessica R.
ISBN:  0-8223-4227-8
Edition:  2008
Used Print:  $21.00

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Introduction to Casino and Gaming Operations
Author:  Rudd, Denis P. / Marshall, Lincoln H.
ISBN:  0-13-979568-5
Edition:  2ND 00
Used Print:  $139.25

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New Capitalists : Law, Politics, and Identity Surrounding Casino Gaming on Native American Land
Author:  Darian-Smith, Eve
ISBN:  0-534-61308-X
Edition:  2004
New Print:  $80.00 Used Print:  $60.00

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Poker Nation : High-Stakes, Low - Life Adventure into the Heart of a Gambling Country
Author:  Bellin, Andy
ISBN:  0-06-095847-2
Edition:  2003
Used Print:  $9.75

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Super Casino
Author:  Earley, Pete
ISBN:  0-553-57349-7
Edition:  2000
Used Print:  $6.75

13 titles found
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