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Advantage Series-Essentials of Public Speaking
Advantage Series-Essentials of Public Speaking
Author: Hamilton, Cheryl
Edition/Copyright: 4TH 09
ISBN: 0-495-50424-6
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
Type: Paperback
Used Print:  $56.25
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  Author Bio

Cheryl Hamilton, an author well known for her writing style and award-winning teaching, understands the importance of communication as a lifelong skill. Also the author of THE ESSENTIALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING, she has conducted a number of research studies, including one published in the "Community College Journal of Research and Practice." Dr. Hamilton has presented more than 32 papers at professional conventions, including those sponsored by the National Communication Association, Southwest Educational Resea


Packed with sample speeches illustrating what to do-as well as plenty of examples detailing what not to do-this value-priced public speaking text equips you with the essential skills and theories needed to become an effective public speaker. ESSENTIALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING delivers abundant practical advice and also offers intriguing discussions on the role of ethics in public speaking as well as up-to-date coverage on effectively using technology in speech development and delivery. A strong emphasis on visual aids includes an insightful, four-color insert detailing how to get the most from your presentation materials. ESSENTIALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING, 4e includes a wealth of learning resources like Speech Builder Express 3.0 speech-outlining software, InfoTrac® College Edition, videos of sample speeches, sample outlines, and more. It is an invaluable resource-at a value price.

  Table of Contents

Preface xvii
1 Foundations 1
Chapter 1 Public Speaking, Ethics, and You 2
Public Speaking: What Roles Can It Play in Your Life? 2
The Right Speech for the Occasion 5
The Communication Process and the Public Speaker 6
Ethics: The Public Speaker's Obligation 12
Chapter 2 Getting Started: Your First Speech 21
Becoming a Good Public Speaker 21
Steps to Success: Planning and Preparing a Speech 26
Chapter 3 Building Speaker Confidence 38
Understanding Anxiety 39
Managing Situational Anxiety 40
Managing Trait Anxiety: Positive Imagery 43
Other Methods for Managing Trait Anxiety 53
Chapter 4 Listening: What Speakers Should Know 58
Stages of Listening 59
Why Stimulation and Motivation Are So Necessary 63
100 Percent Communication: A Listening Myth 65
How Listeners Avoid Being Persuaded 66
Reading Listeners' Nonverbal Cues 70
Making Listening Easier 72
2 Preparing Your Speech 79
Chapter 5 Analyzing Your Audience 80
Analyzing Your Audience: Situational Information 81
Analyzing Your Audience: Demographic Information 83
Analyzing Your Audience: Psychological Information 88
Analyzing Audience Receptivity 92
Collecting Audience Information 99
Using Audience Analysis 102
Chapter 6 Selecting and Researching Your Topic 108
Selecting Your Topic, Purpose, and Main Points 109
Researching Your Topic 113
Chapter 7 Supporting Your Ideas 128
Supports That Are Overused--Use Them with Care! 129
Supports That Are Underused--Use Them More Often 132
Supporting Materials: Clarification or Proof 145
Chapter 8 Organizing Your Speech: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion 148
Organizing the Body of Your Speech 149
Organizing the Introduction of Your Speech 160
Organizing the Conclusion of Your Speech 170
Chapter 9 Outlines, Storyboards, and Speaking Notes 179
Outlining 180
Storyboarding 185
Speaking Notes 192
3 Presenting Your Speech 201
Chapter 10 Preparing Effective Visual Aids 202
Benefits of Using Visual Aids 203
Types of Visual Aids 207
Selecting Your Visual Aids 210
Designing Your Visual Aids 213
Chapter 11 Delivering Your Message 227
Visual Delivery 229
Vocal Delivery 235
Verbal Delivery 240
Immediacy Behaviors 241
Methods of Delivery 242
Rehearsing Your Speech 245
Chapter 12 Perfecting Language Style 249
Why Language Choices Are So Important 250
Effective Language Style 251
Stylistic Devices 255
Language and Bias 262
4 Types of Speeches 269
Chapter 13 Informative Speaking 270
Types of Informative Speeches 270
Steps in Preparing an Informative Speech 275
Before You Speak: Last-Minute Checks 284
Chapter 14 Persuasive Speaking 290
Persuasion Defined 290
Persuasive Versus Informative Speeches 291
Types of Persuasive Speeches 292
Steps in Preparing a Persuasive Speech 298
Using the Motivated Sequence 313
Chapter 15 Methods of Persuasion 320
Using Evidence and Logic Skillfully 320
Establishing Credibility 329
Appealing to Listeners' Psychological Needs 334
Notes 341
Glossary 355
Index 361


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