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Legal Office: Projects - With CD
Legal Office: Projects - With CD
Author: Gilmore, Diane M.
Edition/Copyright: 2ND 07
ISBN: 0-538-72933-3
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
Type: Paperback
Used Print:  $92.75
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LEGAL OFFICE PROJECTS is designed to utilize a project-based approach to completing legal office activities that involve legal document preparation, layout, formatting, Internet research, and transcribing. The setting for the projects is a law firm where the student serves as a floating legal assistant for a number of diverse individuals practicing various types of law. The projects allow a hands-on approach to legal document preparation.


  • NEW! Software tips, added where appropriate, provide instant recall for a word processing specialist function.
  • Office job scenarios are included to depict the office scene for each project.
  • The text takes a project-based approach that includes numerous tasks for completing office activities to provide students with multi-tasking experience.
  • Critical-thinking activities at the end of each chapter provide the opportunity for additional learning.
  • Transcription material that correlates to projects in the student book and data files previously on cassette tape are now in CD format and packaged with the text.
  • NEW! Legal focus will call attention to situations in the legal field worthy of noting.
  • NEW! Enhanced table of contents added to show tasks within each project.
  • NEW! Added dictated exercises provide for more transcribing material.
  • NEW! Transcription CD, which contains all newly dictated material, comes packaged with the text.
  • NEW! A marriage dissolution case study focusing solely on legal issues provides practice in multi-tasking and critical-thinking.
  • NEW! Twelve projects having a specific legal focus, such as conflict of interest, e-mail ethics, appellate pitfalls, and pre-trial preparation provide a glimpse into the many different areas of the legal profession.
  • NEW! The Office Procedures Manual includes general reference, document formatting procedures, pleadings, and court papers and is now located on the data CD.
  • NEW! Internet activities at the end of each project show students how useful the Web can be for projects that involve research and problem solving.
  Table of Contents

Welcome to Reginald J. Davis & Associates.

Organizational Structure.

Job Description.

General Information.

Organization of Text and Task.


Office Procedures Manual.

Critical Thinking Activities.


General Office Procedures.

Legal Office Accounting.

Legal Document Preparation.

Opening File Procedures.

Preparation of Wills.

Preparation of a Complaint and Summons.

Preparation of Real Estate Documents.

Preparation of Discovery Documents.

Preparation of Corporate Documents.

File Closing Procedures.

Collaborative Case Study.

Office Procedures Manual.

General Reference Information.

Document Formatting Procedures.

Pleadings and Court Papers.



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